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  • Hey simon, I'm one of the y8 pupils and I just wanted to say thank you, your speech and slides were really good (your phones awesome too aha ) after your assembly when I got home I decided to delete my other facebook accound and make a new one with only REAL friends, I have stoped caring about how many people I have on facebook and started to focus on how many people I am Really friends with, all in all that was the best E-safety speech I've heard because everything is starting to feel repetitive. But Thank you so much, I now have a new perspective of life. Act and Post like your Enemys are watching. thank youuu

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

This Is How Teens Are Using Social Media

This Is How Teens Are Using Social Media

This handy infographic takes a look at the effects that the digital age is having on younger minds and offers insight into how (surveyed)teens are using social media. Keep reading to learn more.